Collective Action Towards School Education

We call it collective action because it is not only the child with whom we work but the whole family and community which may ensure not only to send a child to school but to ensure that a child is in school.

'The concept is based on to get a child in school and remain in school till he or she completes her complete school education'.

The objective of this intervention is to make every child complete her or his education in the intervention areas.

The following process is adopted towards this intervention-

  • Collecting data of each child in the school going age group
  • Segregation of data as to- school going, drop-out from school and never been to school
  • Create case stories of children who are not in school
  • Start intervention at families level to make ensure that child should be enrolled in school
  • Work at school level ensure the retention of school
  • Track the status of child in every month

"More than 92 per cent children in our intervention areas are not only going to school but stay at school to complete their school education".