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Welcome to Matri Sudha

Matri Sudha is a non-profit organization which works with young children, adolescents their caregivers and other community members. It works on maternal and newborn health, early childhood care, reproductive health to create sustainable communities.


Empowering communities to become self-sufficient and advance gender equity.


Toward a sustainable development impacting the health, education, nourishment and well-being of all.

With your support, we can make a meaningful impact and create a brighter future for all. Join us in our journey towards positive change and together, let's make a difference that lasts generations.

Help us raise them up.

90% of a child's brain development happens before age 5

Our Initiatives

Your smallest contribution makes a big difference to children’s and women’s lives. Your generosity helps us to create last mile change in the lives of young children, young people and their caregivers.

MAAHI- Maternal & Newborn Health Initiative

Ensuring access to affordable, high-quality health care and services for improving maternal and newborn survival and reducing stillbirths.

Nurturing Childhood

As children gain better access to health care, improved nutrition, nurturing care more and more have the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives.

Young People & We

To address the social, economic, educational and health problems faced by young people aged 11-24 years with special focus on menstrual health, road safety, reproductive health.

Suposhit Bachhpan

Nutrition is also central to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 2 of Zero Hunger.

Our Approach

Our Approach is integrated to bring changes at multiple levels

Matri Sudha addresses health and nutrition issues through age-appropriate interventions by working with parents, teachers, Anganwadi workers, communities, district and state level governments as well as the children themselves.

It starts at the grassroots level through behavior change and influencing public policy at government level - thereby creating an ecosystem where young children, young people and women’s issues are given priority.


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Children and woman impacted protected from undernoursihment


Women received antenatal care


Children < 5 years


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