Research Advocacy And Traning

Research and Advocacy

Matri Sudha, in last few years, has evolved as an organization conducting research of various disciplines, advocating for rights of children at multiple platforms and to play a role of trainer or facilitator to enhance the capacity of individuals on child rights issues.

Our research work includes -

  • Baseline survey and analysis of findings
  • Fact Findings
  • Collection of primary data through field research and filling of applications under right to information
  • Analysis of secondary data
  • Social Action Research
  • Conducting knowledge, attitude and practice studies, impact assessment studies etc.

We play a role of facilitator or trainer where we enhance the capacity of individuals within or outside the government structure

The following articles were published in the print media on the basis of our findings -

  1. DainikJagran and Hindustan (National Newspapers in Hindi)- Safe Accessibility to School in LalKuan
  2. The Hindu- Anganwadi Centres are overcrowded and inadequate
  3. Collection of primary data through field research and filling of applications under right to information
  4. The Hindustan Times and all major national dailies (both English and Hindi)- More Kids are dying of malnutrition in Delhi
  5. The Hindustan Times- 25 children died in city's nutrition centres
  6. Hindustan- Malnutrition as one of the major causes of tuberculosis among children
  7. Live Mint- Failing Health of Delhi Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres
  8. Hindustan- State of Malnutrition in LalKuan Area of South-East Delhi
  9. Hindustan- Status of Primary Health Care in Delhi

The following research reports have been prepared -

  1. Field Level Analysis of Hamdard Nagar ICDS project
  2. Right to Education to the Last Child in Delhi
  3. Comparative Analysis of State RTE Rules in context of Children belonging to disadvantaged group
  4. Analysis of ICDS performance audit in Delhi- A Research Report
  5. Reality of Angnawadis in National Capital Territory of Delhi
  6. Delhi Government School Report Card
  7. Analysis of National Urban Health Mission in context of Delhi
  8. Nutritional Status of Children in Delhi- A Reality Check
  9. Situation Analysis of Children below Six in Delhi
  10. Integrated Programme for Children below six- Delhi Status Report
  11. State of Women and Child Health and Health Care in Delhi- A Status Report, Series 1
  12. First Article on Child Malnutrition and Tobacco published in CSR Times Magazine

Capacity Building

Interaction with You on Child Rights- Sharing Learning Platform for College Students

The concept of 'Interaction with You on Child Rights' coined recently after getting engaged with college students who got associated with Matri Sudha for internship or voluntary work around issues of child health and nutrition.

Experience & learning with students

Our experience with students not only provided the opportunity to students to broadly understand four areas of child rights- survival, development, protection and participation, but also gave an insight as how and what people understand child right issues. During this process we realized that unless students, who get engaged with us for voluntary work for a certain period of time, develop thematic expertise of area they chose to work upon, lesser would be the chances to bring outcomes of the whole exercise. For example unless a student gets oriented on certain areas of right to education, he or she would not be in a position to tell whether availability of toilets and drinking water facility is the moral duty of the school or is it a legal right of a child to have the same or both. Unavailability of unhygienic toilets and poor drinking water facility may have serious health consequences. Similarly, common childhood illness like pneumonia and diarrhoea leads to a state called 'malnutrition'. Therefore, prevention and reduction of malnutrition in early childhood require understanding of the whole concept within the wider framework of chid rights. Thus, such process over a past one year with students of diverse background also taught us as how we look toward child rights issues and in its context about child malnutrition.


Therefore, the whole concept would not only provide the student an opportunity to learn and share his learning by doing during field interventions but also make us fulfil our vision 'to create a platform where child rights are identified, respected and taken care of by every individua'. It is about 'creating relationships around child rights issues'.

Broader Framework of Implementation

Areas of learning for students

  • Rights based approach and programme development
  • Community work process like- interpersonal communication and behaviour change, group discussion, report writing/minutes of meetings etc
  • Awareness building among community around child rights issues
  • Nutritional assessment of children below six years
  • Development of information, education and communication material
  • Conducting baseline survey, field assessment etc
  • Creation of MIS, knowledge, attitude and practice studies, impact assessment studies etc
  • Social action research work
  • Creating concept of social action

Child Rights Network

Bal Bigul- Haryana Alliance for Child Rights

Matri Sudha is one of the founding members of Bal Bigul- Haryana Alliance for Child Rights. The alliance was formed in 2015.

Mr Surender Singh, President of Matri Sudha, is the Convenor of the Alliance. Mr. Surender Singh carries an experience of more than a decade in areas of child rights and has mainly worked at the grass root level with children below six years.

Bal Bigul- Haryana Alliance for Child Rights is funded by Child Rights and You. Arijit Adhikary is the Advocacy Coordinator and Shafiqur Rahiman is the Assistant Coordinator in Bal Bigul- Haryana Alliance for Child Rights. Presently, the office of the Alliance is based About Arijit Adhikary

Alliance for People’s Rights

In 2015, Matri Sudha has become the channelizer of Alliance for People’s Rights, a collective forum to advocate the issues of child rights in Delhi. Alliance for People’s Rights is one of the active forums in Delhi mainly on the issue of missing children. Presently, Ms. Reena Bannerjee, founder of Nav Srishti organization, is the Convenor of the alliance. Ms. Reena Bannerjee has contributed more than two decades of her work in areas of child rights.

Mr. Krishna Bansal is the Advocacy Coordinator and Monmita Borgohain is the Assistant Coordinator in the Alliance.