Vision, Mission & Core Values

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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Empowering communities to become self-sufficient and advance gender equity.


Toward a sustainable development impacting the health, education, nourishment and well-being of all.

Core Values

Governance We truly believe in the concept of 'transparency', 'accountability' and adherence to the practices of good governance to use our resources efficiently to achieve measurable results. Being transparent and accountable to our donor agency, board members, to children and community we work with.

Shared Responsibility
To give space to every child in a healthy and protective environment for their continued growth and development through participation of each stakeholder.

A committed team to set high standard of performance for themselves and toward children and community

Diversity and Safe Place at Work
To respect religion, caste, culture, age, gender, values, lifestyle, perspectives, to promote diversity, to create and maintain a safe environment at work place.